1. National Media Award -2017 by National Foundation for India, New Delhi

2. Pir Muhammad Munis Journalism Award -2018 by All Bihar Urdu Teacher’s Association, East Champaran, Bihar

3. MAIMAR-E-OKHLA Award -2018 for contribution in the field of Media by Volunteers of Change. 

4. Excellence Award-2011 by Society for Promotion of Professional Academic and Cultural Excellence and Vivekananda International Foundation.

5. Person of the Year-2010 by (TCN), Boston, USA and Ministry of  Minority Affairs, Govt of India.

6. AGRI Youth Icon & Journalist of Year-2010 by AGRI Mumbai.

7. Awarded by Universal Knowledge Trust, in appreciation of Extra-ordinary community service in 2011

8. Idrisia Award-2012 by Idrisia National Foundation.