Documentary, Film making and Theatre:

Documentary, Film making and Theatre:

1. Work in progress on two documentaries: 6 December and the other one on Malnutrition  

2. Directed an award winning film “Eidiyaan” as a part of the course project in Jamia Millia Islamia.

3. Worked on a documentary “The journey of Champaran” as a director.

4. Worked on a short film “Mukti” and a documentary “Azad Kheti-Azad Kisan” as a Production Manager.

5. Worked on a Documentary “The Flame of Hatred” (Based on Babri Masjid Demolition Post Politics) as a Director, Producer and Camera.

6. Worked on a Documentary “SANGAM–The Home Yearnings” (Based on Jamia Taleemi Mela) as a Cameraman.

7. Worked for a Studio program “Flight of Dreams” as part of video production exercise.

8. Made an audio visual on “The Untouchables” and “ Dastak” as part of the university project.

9. Scripted and directed many Radio Features as part of Radio Production.

10. Conceptualized and directed a street play on Homosexuality, performed the play at several locations to spread awareness on this topic.

11. Directed and acted in street plays based on RTI Act.

12. Worked for many street plays on other social issues.